ABC Moving & Storage has more than 190,000 square feet of space dedicated to storage and leasing. In addition, a 10,000 square feet of mini-storage space is available for everything from valuable personal belongings and artwork, to furniture and heavy equipment. Commercial storage for new products (electronics, office equipment, furniture) that needs to be received, stored and then delivered is available along with mini storage units. All ABC Moving & Storage facilities are completely protected against fire and theft by a sophisticated alarm and sprinkler system, as well as around-the-clock security.

We are fully equipped with roll-electric dollies, fork lifts and electronic lift trucks to move large or heavy equipment.


ABC Moving & Storage has an on-site records storage warehouse complete with a sophisticated system, including sprinklers, to protect your important records from fire or theft. We also have climate controlled vaults available for storing computer tapes and other sensitive film. All boxes are numbered so that you can easily retrieve any records you may need in a matter of minutes. We’ll even deliver the box to you and transport it back to our facility for re-storing when you are finished. And when it’s time to dispose of old records, we offer in-house shredding for safe disposal of outdated materials.

    Why trust your record storage to ABC Moving & Storage?
  • No more high cost office space to store records.
  • Reduce costs for storing microfilm to be destroyed in four years.
  • Each box is numbered, allowing easy access to locate that one of a hundred boxes that contains important papers you need access to in a timely manner.
  • Only secured personnel are cleared to handle your records, ensuring complete confidentiality.
  • Your employees are required to sign in each time they enter the storage area or when we deliver a box to your office.
  • Supply special record boxes with removable lids.
  • Furnish and assist you with special labeling.
  • Pick-up and deliver your records or empty containers within 24 hours of call being placed.

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